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Educational Offer

We provide studies in the fields of Biology and Environmental engineering.

First-degree biology - three-year Bachelor’s studies

Second-degree biology - two-year Master’s studies, specialties:

• Human biology

• Environmental and molecular biology

During their studies, graduates of Biology acquire knowledge, which gives them qualification to work in: specialized research, control and diagnostic laboratories, field research stations, scientific institutions and public administration.

First-degree Environmental engineering - three and a half years of practical engineering studies, education paths

• Environmental biotechnology and waste management

• Renewable energy sources

• Chemistry and Environmental monitoring

Second-degree environmental engineering - one and a half year practical master's studies, education paths

• Circulation Economy Technologies

Graduates of Environmental Engineering respond to the needs of the labour market constitute a qualified team prepared to solve engineering, project, organizational, operational and investment-implementation problems.

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The most important information:

Candidates who do not have a first-degree diploma in the same field or at least one of the related fields are qualified based on the entrance examination in the form of an interview during which the general knowledge of the candidate in a given field at the level of first-degree studies is checked. Besides, the motivation to study in a given field will be assessed during the interview.

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