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Scientific Research and Projects conduct at Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences correspond to current, newest trends and directions in the field. They are released by scientists according to the substantive scopes of the existing Sections, as well as in interdisciplinary teams (e.g. biotechnology) bringing together specialists in the field of engineering, microbiology and genetics.

Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences takes part in scientific consortia with Research Institutes in the country and abroad.

We also carry out commercial research commissioned by external entrepreneurs or institutions. We conduct research that goes beyond the narrow meaning Environmental Engineering and Biology’s field, e.g. quantum physics project.

Interdisciplinary research team

Composition of the team: Associate Professor Małgorzata Możaka-Rylik, Assistant Professor Dominik Wojewódka, Assistant Professor Bartłomiej Macherzyński, Assistant Professor Dorota Andrzejewska-Górecka, Assistant Professor Agnieszka Poniatowska

Current research:

- Micro pollution in the environment (identification, impact, elimination);

- Stabilization of hazardous waste and its recycling;

- Biotechnological recovery of precious metals from waste;

- Elimination of carcinogenic properties of asbestos waste using thermal methods;

- Development of an innovative technology for mechanical and biological recycling of hazardous plastic waste (project ordered by industry);

- Biorecycling of heavy metals from degraded areas (project commissioned by industry).


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