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Cooperation with Business

The Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences outlook based on the assumption that in contemporary word the contact and cooperation between university and business is the base of development and progress in the academic field.

We understand the need for close cooperation Faculty with entrepreneurs. This collaboration guarantees adaptation of educational offer and alumnus profiles to current market requirements in the country and abroad as well as continuous improvement of our graduates' professional competences.

We know that the market shapes the demand for graduate student. We offer practical knowledge and skills. Our cooperation with business is implemented through the functioning of two independent advisory bodies - External Stakeholders and the Faculty Business Council.

Entrepreneurs and Business Institutions appearing as External Stakeholders regularly give opinions on our degree programs and provide their suggestions to best adaptation the profiles of alumni to contemporary market requirements.

The Faculty Business Council expresses its opinions on degree programs, make the recommendation on introducing new areas of research, new courses to improve the competences of the Faculty’s graduate students. The opinions of the Council help us select the subject of pieces of training and workshops, student internships and graduate fellowship. The Faculty Business Council offers joint research projects which are focused on the innovation and development of academic entrepreneurship as well.


External Stakeholders: